Losing Momentum

I am texting with my intern in London who is burnt out from her end of term assignments. I pose the question ‘do you think Olympians tire? Of course they do, but they push beyond the pain to succeed’.

She replies ‘I am just so exhausted, I’m missing out on the joy I am suppose to get out of it’. The irony is that I have been working 10 hours a day on the campaign, then another 3 writing my book without a day off since I’ve arrived in Bali.

Going for your dreams is not easy it takes everything you have to give and it asks for more. But it is through overcoming this struggle that we are fulfilled. You must love the process otherwise you will lose momentum. My motivation is knowing that I am doing what I love and that spurs me on with joy.

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My View…like a goldfish in a tank 😉

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