Beyond Doubt

I can feel my hands shaking from way too much caffeine. My head is hurting a bit and the Internet is temperamental as usual. My sister on the line frustrated with the lack of interest from tech support on the business email.

‘Look I gotta call you back’ she shouts with a bit of frustration and irritation. She’s back on the line an hour later, ‘I finally got someone to help me, after being transferred 5 times, various hang ups and call backs the problem is finally resolve we have access to the emails again’.

I tell her ‘this is when things start to happen, the interesting part of the story is the struggle and our ability to overcome. We must push through the let downs, the frustrations and to know that we are doing all the right things. Something will give we just have keep going and believe beyond a doubt’. We basically need a miracle to pull this off.

13 days left of the kickstarter campaign!

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Campaign image from the shoot

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