Obvious Obstacles

I see a call coming over my iPhone during a meeting with a friend that has agreed to film the video content. It was my intern in London. She speaks quickly as I struggle to listen. ‘I know you said I could call you and now I need my Stacy fix. I have a big video shoot tomorrow and my dancers have canceled last minute.’

I laugh at her ‘my God girl you look like a hot mess. Firstly calm down’. She interjects ‘but it’s not fair they canceled at 2am, this always happens to me’. My reply ‘Ruhani things in life are bound to go wrong, it’s how you react to those challenges that makes all the difference. It’s time for you to get in the shower put on some make up and change your attitude’.

This campaign has been a struggle, as we are at the midway point and pledges have gone down to $0 on some days. Our business email has decided to be temperamental, but we must push forward and think of new and better ways of making a success out of the campaign!

14 days left of the Kickstarter Campaign

Click here to pledge!

My simple guide to film making, picked it up at a charity shop in London.

Working on a few hours of sleep and way more coffee then my body is used to.

Niki a struggling artist like myself has been kind enough to help film the development of my next fashion collection.

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