Same Spot

I sit listening to a frog croaking and rain drops in the distance. The blossoms are now replaced with fresh green leaves waiting to be explored by bumble bees.

The house no longer carries the laughter of two girls as they have returned home. But here I sit in silence contemplating the next moves. Detached now from the noise and bustle of Europe.

Back to my house of dreams where it all began. As the flowers await their turn to blossom so does the next phase of the dream. I am enjoying this time of solitude and reflection. Such moments are key in listening to our hearts voice. Make time for it.

I was given these two stems and when I marry I will wear its flowers in my hair.

My garden may be small but I have loved it since the day I planted its small roots into the earth. I find myself here when I am not in the studio.

Sometimes I feel that I have two personalities: the city girl in louboutins and the island girl in havaianas.

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