Self Neglect

Wow think my eyes are going crossed emailing various media contacts for the past 4 hours straight. Julie and I had our morning chat. ‘You need to focus’ she reminds me. ‘Oh don’t you worry I am fully committed to working the remaining 17 days straight on this campaign’.

My heart longs to walk along the beach and soak up the sun, but sometimes we have to put aside such pleasures in order to reap even greater rewards. Good thing I have a natural tendency to work like a horse.

But I have to remember in the end to take time away from the campaign even if it is as simple as trimming my garden, dancing in my studio or just reading a book. There is no such thing as taking care of ourselves later. Because later can extend to a lifetime of self neglect.

Back in the studio working on the next season inspiration…

Just did a massive clear out of all the documents from last season…time to start fresh and with a clean work space.

17 days left to help make this dream a reality!

(click on the link below to pledge)

Kickstarter Campaign Link

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