Changing Fashion

I sit at my favourite patio spot on a little stool intended to roll heavy water. My garden has overgrown since I have been away. Bugs have bitten holes as brown soiled leaves mask the sunlight.

After cutting away the unnecessary I realise that through all the strategy and survival of this dream I almost forgot what it is all about. The purpose of Bali Fashion Dream and my overall company mission as a whole is to utilise the commercial success of the business to give back.

Over dinner my friends in Jakarta joked that I am like a little Mother Teresa. I surely am far from that but my greatest passion in life has and will always be to help and give back. I just happen to use fashion as a means to fund that pursuit.

English lesson at the orphanage

The little guy in the back just wanted to clean 😉

Teaching them the words ‘fast’ and ‘slow’

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