Fear Endurance

This campaign is such a fear endurance test. Whenever the thought enters ‘that we may not raise the funds necessary’ I push it away and work that much harder on generating more traffic. In such cases fear does not protect us, but prevents us from reaching our targets.

What is it that we fear really? We fear failure, but we all fail at times. Failure is the prerequisite to success. Instead I choose to experience the premature emotion of how we will feel when we accomplish our goal.

That thought is much more enjoyable and likely to attract the results we desire. But we will have to work consistently on this until we reach the finish line and I am looking forward to it!

My lovely London intern Ruhani will be managing our fashion campaign shoot on Friday!

Jamie Campbell at the Burberry Show

Stumbled on the Burberry Prorsum Fashion Show while having a meeting in Kensington Gardens at the Orangery

Approving Fashion Campaign Inspiration Images for the Photoshoot

Cat Deeley attending the Burberry show…we also spotted Olivia Palermo, Maria Testino..

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