Media Coverage

I woke up this morning to my sister notifying me that I had been written up in an online journal. My first write up! Then she went on to discuss all the tasks required of me to really drive this campaign and business forward. So sweet in its own way, as I used to be the over achiever providing advice.

I love her passion and determination to scale this business and expand it. My 7am message from Julie on google hangout ‘we need to work really hard non-stop from here…my response ‘yes agreed’. She continues ‘u will not have anytime to be tired worried etc just keep moving!’

Wow how awesome is she, there aren’t many people in this world that challenge me. So proud that she is my sister and on my team. We are bound to succeed with the two Stube sisters at the pitch. Wohooo let the games begin. I love you more and more everyday.

My First Write Up (click here)

Julie and I in Bali trying on wedding dresses for her but I just couldn’t help but join in the fun;)

Kicking my ass as usual!

Julie and I at a Balinese Wedding…she def took more of the european side with her hazel eyes and fair skin. Yes we do have the same parents.

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