Kickstarter Campaign

We are live!!!! So thought I would address my lovely readers directly. This campaign launch is to help push me along into my second season. We aim to raise $25,000, currently at $3,000 with only 27 days left.

If we do not make the set amount we don’t get any of the money. Thank you for spreading the word, but what is most important is that you pledge even if it is only $5. We have some great rewards that include the book a memoir of this past year, dresses from the Elsa Fitzgerald collection at a discounted price.

I have self funded this entire project this past year, but need support as the business is now taking shape and growing. You can play an important role in making this dream come to life. Thank you for coming along on this crazy adventure!

Please watch the campaign video and read the info on the page!

Elsa Fitzgerald Kickstarter Fundraising Campaign Link

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