Starting Point

As we finalise the last part of the marketing cards for the collection, my sister in California just hit a wall. She was up for the past week teaching herself photoshop, indesign and illustrator software systems to get my marketing material to look half decent.

‘Stace you need to remember that you are a small start-up and we have limited resources. The important part is that you show your collections and sell yourself’. We have both been pushing hard to mark the dream a reality.

Despite the struggle I am so excited that we are starting from nothing. Literally me, my sis and Ruhani my intern in London. So when the business takes off we will remember these special moments when we had to scramble to make the dream a reality.

I am impressed everyday by my sister’s resourcefulness and talent in so many areas. Just so blessed that she is on my side. I love you Bobo with all my heart thank you for believing in this technologically impaired girl. You are my saving grace.

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