Second Wind

I have to say this dream has kicked my a**, its knocked me down, its broken my heart and it has destroyed my spirit. But I am back and it’s not taking me down. Oscar Wilde once said that ‘we kill the thing we love’ but for me it seems like the thing we love can also kill us if we let it. Everything in me has been in this fight, its been pure survival. Clawing and holding on to dear life, never letting go of the hope that if I keep pushing the bolder it will eventually move.

Someone once told me that I make it look so fun and easy. Well you know what you haven’t seen the tears but there have been many, I just choose to focus on loving every minute of this journey. Even when I was down and there was no sight of an opening in the darkness, something inside would not let me give in. I am stronger then my fear and I can change my life but no one can do it but me.

So guys this is the final lap of this amazing race to my dream! And I am finishing strong sprinting it out, even though I am tired and burnt. Whatever is left in my being its on the line because you know what I have nothing to lose and so much to gain. I am just thankful that I was strong enough to take the first step because look how far that first step can take you. You will never know your own strength if never tested!

After waiting over 7 hours for the download of the video to finalize, I accidentally pulled the plug of my computer with its dead battery and had to start again. Sometimes we just have to laugh at life.

Submitting the application sometime today! Whenever this video finally decides to upload. This time I will make sure not to pull the battery plug out 😉

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