In Touch

My sister suggested reaching out to old friends in order to update them on the kickstarter campaign and to just touch base. It’s actually been one of the most rewarding exercises that I have done in a long time.

I realised how quickly life passes and also the impact that my blog is having on various people. I’ve been writing for the past 10 months with maybe a total of 10 genuine comments.  During such time I wondered if the impact was worth the effort. I sometimes questioned whether anyone was even reading the content. After having a chat with a handful of you guys, now I know you are!

Don’t leave it too long to send a quick hello you might trigger a new and exciting friendship left dormant. Might be a nice biannual thing! It takes less time then you think just have to commit a block of time to it.

Writing my book at Starbucks on Kings Road!

Rather excited to return to Bali! Finally starting to see the island as home.

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