Game Time

My sis and I have been coordinating ‘tango’ chats between California and London working on the fundraising kickstarter campaign. It is pretty new ground for both of us. But we have experience on our side as my sister managed another campaign that recently raised $60,000…I know crazy right! But it is totally a hit or miss sort of thing. Its a platform to generate funds for your project/start-up without giving up equity in your business. Friends, family and complete strangers can contribute pledges starting from $1. There are usually rewards to incentivize contributions.

We have been combing through articles on successes and failures, comparing similar campaigns and what we can do differently. The purpose is to fund the next season fashion collection and production of this seasons orders. There is a lot to be done. You know its serious when my non-coffee drinking self picks up a venti Mocha ;). I am realizing this campaign is not that different from running a business and a blog all in one. I still find the idea rather odd, but hey there was another fashion brand that generated over $270,000. The average campaign usually runs around 30 days.

Its a lot for us to manage with a skeleton team which includes myself, my sister and an amazing intern but hey we have the passion and drive! The only limitations that exists are the ones you create. As I always say anything is possible, so kickstarter get ready because we are about to shake things up! By the way can I just say a massive thank you many of you that have joined me on this crazy adventure through reading this blog. I hope I keep you on your toes. Keep striving and driving your life and dreams forward! Time to pick up the pace its game time 😉


And she’s off!

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