Unfolding Destiny

After returning back from an amazing weekend in Paris, the sounds of a piano flood the station ‘when you wish upon a star…every wish your heart desire will come true’.

Memories of underground jazz cafes, walking for hours around Paris and discussing video content left me excited for the opportunities to come. Despite the fear nagging in the back of my mind the path is unfolding before me.

It is time to walk forward toward a destiny that is rich with hope. My inbox graciously accepts messages of encouragement and perseverance. Special people and situations are attracting to me like magnets and I just feel so blessed to be on the ride of my life.

Big thank you to Benoit for missing out on two nights of sleep in order to edit the content for the kickstarter campaign.

An Afternoon in Paris

Always a tourist of my life.

Love Lock Bridge Pont de I’Archeveche Paris

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