Giving Up

Our mind believes that the attempt at the dream is more likely to fail then to succeed. But there is no such thing as failure in the pursuit of a dream if you never give up.

Doors are bound to close, disappointments heartbreaking, but if you are steadfast and resilient you can and will find a way.

But the trick is that you must stake all that you hold dear on the alter of dreams. Because if you do the universe will know how much you want it. It will then align people and circumstances to make it so, but the test and trials are endless. ‘Its to keep those that don’t want it bad enough’ from reaching the gates of realisation.

Taking a break between shoots for the Kickstarter Campaign

Morning Rush Hour Scene St Pauls Cathedral

Antique Market Scene Notting Hill Portobello Market

Showing Samples Scene Westbourne Grove Notting Hill

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