Make It

As I lugged my overnight bag full of fashion samples and the script for the shoot, my heart was heavy from that  mornings meeting. I saw my ex to exchange a key to our safe for a pair of boots. We hadn’t met in person since the breakup over 10 months ago.

I of course wanted to burst into tears for many reasons, but I held back so that I wouldn’t have puffy eyes on camera. There was so much I had to say but not enough time to do it in, as I was already running late. So instead of dwelling on a past gone, we wished each other well and I was off.

Going down the escalator I repeated to myself ‘fake it till you make it Stace’. Today’s shoot is huge, it is your chance to put your story out there for the world to see. No time for sadness and heartache. In time the hurt feelings will pass and another love will enter, so just move forward. This is your moment don’t let it slip away.

Ok Right Showtime

Film Crew

Going Over Notes

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