No Time

‘I am hanging up, I don’t know who this negative person is’ my sis tells me. ‘Jules give me a break,I am so tired right now’ I say in an exhale. ‘Be a man and stop being emotional’ she replies. ‘Hey I don’t know many men that would have been able to go through what I have in these last 10 months’.

I am so exhausted with the time difference and pushing so hard for so long. I start crying on the phone with her on the line. ‘I know it was going to be tough but I thought by this point something would give. That a door would open’ I say while drying my eyes.

It’s tough smiling all the time and being the one pushing from within. There are times when we just need someone else to say it will be alright and to keep going. I find the closer you get to your dream the more difficult the challenges. When we are pushed to our limits the desire to live and survive kicks in and we somehow find a way to overcome. There is no doubt I will reach my goal, there just happens to be a few extra tears and heartache then I imagined.

I love her humour! My sisters keep me sane.

Working on the script for the kickstarter campaign. We are shooting content tomorrow.

Fashion Process Video – we filmed this before the collection was complete.

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