Living Prayer

‘So I am selling my Cartier watch’ I mention to a friend and lecturer from the London College of Fashion. She replies ‘is it that bad’. It could be worse, but now I understand what it means to really want something. I have gathered the remains of my designer clothing and shoes and will be selling them. No one likes to admit it but this is what it is like at the start of a fashion company, unless you have wealthy parents or a partner supporting you. The last 10 months have been spent testing Balinese manufacturing, figuring out my ‘unique’ look as a brand and sampling the current collection.

I have to say despite the challenges in front of me, I am blessed to have a great group of friends who encourage and support me. A sister who has been working day and night: getting the website up, kicking me in the a** when I needed it and just believing in me when I have lost faith in myself. We all go through these moments when it feels like the world is against us and we are begging with fingers interlaced that something will give…that our lucky break will come just in the nick of time. But the truth is there is no lucky break, we must push ‘fate’ along in the direction of our dreams through hard work and commitment.

I am literally ‘livin on a prayer’ to know that all my time and energy is just waiting to pay off. At present we (my sis) are working on a strategy to fund the next season. She is finishing a fashion funding campaign now that has raised over 35,000 dollars so far for another fashion start-up. We are also finishing up the marketing materials so that I can visit boutiques and sell to private buyers. I know that life will find a way to make this dream unfold better then anything I could of imagined. Without faith we have nothing.

Cartier Watch & Louboutins for Sale

Gave My First Talk to Final Year Design Students at London College of Fashion

Pigeons & Peacocks University of Arts Annual Magazine in which I will be featured in this summer.

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