Sinking Heart

My heart literally sank when I got the news that I was not eligible for the business start-up loan that I was almost guaranteed to receive. I spent my evenings working on the revised business plan. I was relying heavily on this to fund my next season.

I had recommendation letters from course directors and heads of departments raving about my follow through and ability to create a successful business. The difficult truth about fashion and most creative industries is that you have to put up a lot of capital in the beginning before it gains traction.

It was only early that morning that a successful interview with a fashion magazine confirmed that they would do a feature on me and my journey to include a photoshoot of my collection. I am struggling to surface, but the most important thing is that I am still keeping myself and this dream afloat. I have declined external investment to maintain control of this business and have been self funding this whole thing. I am going to launch an Indiegogo campaign which is a crowdfunding scheme starting in early Feb. I will post more info on this later.

* Product images for the collection. The only airbrushing done was to remove my bikini tan 😉

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