Almost There

A mentor back in university once told me ‘sometimes you have to bulldoze your way toward your dreams’. It’s so true! If you keep pushing and pushing eventually you do get there in the end if you don’t give up or die trying.

The first week of work proved challenging no responses to emails and getting rather use to being ignored. But it only pushes me harder to rethink my strategy. As a result doors are finally opening!

If we focus on being discouraged and making ourselves the victim then that is exactly what we become. The world is not against us it is just testing and redirecting us to a better path. But if we remain fixated on that closed door then you miss the open one in front of you.

Fashion Designer, Photographer and Fashion Intern

Stace stand up straight

Photoshoot for website product images

Dress Adjustment

Fashion Mug Shot

Should be uploaded onto the website soon!

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