It’s Happening

Instead of saying: ‘when, if, could’, I have decided on a new strategy in 2014. I will approach my dreams with the mindset that they have already happened and I am just doing the necessary work to follow.

So last night while out at a cute place in Angel, we toasted to the book deal. My friend a marketing manager for a high end luxury jeweller and I began discussing the book launch. The first phase will be the US tour mid May starting in Miami then mid July Europe tour mid July starting in London and then Asia tour November starting in Bali.

Today I am working on the book proposal but with the mindset that the deal is done and that this is a real strategy that we must implement for the success of the book. If you don’t believe in your dream how will anyone else. 2014 is the year that ‘Anything & Everything is Happening’! Prepare yourselves for the adventure. If we only have one life to live why not dream big!

A celebration for all the amazing things happening in 2014!

My fav song for the New Year!

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