Gone Fishin

Seems that this stage of the process is like a fisherman putting out a bunch of lines. One must take care when choosing when and where to set it in order to increase the probability of a catch.

I have been getting the infrastructure in place with the website, coordinating intern responsibilities and networking. Just working so that all components align to the best of of my ability with given resources.

I haven’t had any bites yet but I know if I keep doing all the right things doors will open with amazing opportunities to follow. It is time to stand tall and with conviction. I can sense that the big catch is just moments away.


Thanks to my multi-talented sister I have business cards and a website almost complete


About Section of Website

Collection Inspiration Video

3 thoughts on “Gone Fishin

      • Hey Grace,

        Thanks! I know I will catch many fish in their own time. For now I am blessed to learn and grow from the experience in front of me. The greatest of all is that I am fighting for something I believe in. Love and life always finds its way like water flowing to the sea.

        Keep dreaming and seeking but find time to be still.

        Lots of love,


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