Standing Alone

My foot was very sensitive, but after a few more strides I made my way to the cemetery where I found a beautiful green space to run. Rather morbid I know but in London you have to work with what you have.

My heart has been heavy letting go of unforeseen twists on the path of love. But as I passed many stones with the words ‘we miss you’. That was when it settled in my heart. I stood over a tree with roots broken by the storm. That is where I finally let go of two loves. They will be missed but are no longer grounded in my life.

We must release those things and people that we hold onto in vain. Life goes on and so must we. As I always say to love is never a waste of time. It is the blessing of life which makes it all worth while in the end.

20140108-124656.jpg Website is coming together

20140108-124759.jpg Campaign Shot for Site

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