Universe Signs

As I was finding my way to the tube station, a little charity shop caught my eye. The night before I was telling my girlfriend about how the universe gives you signs that guide you along the way toward your dreams.

I spotted a book of paintings from the Wallace museum that I had visited when I first moved to London. I began thinking of all those big dreams I had back then and how much a part of me they were. Then as I said the word dreams a quirky old gentleman holds a book up to my face that says in big letters ‘Dreams’ and walks off.

After seeing the painting I realised that it was exactly this time 7 years ago that I moved to London to become a fashion designer. Those little signs maybe subtle but I know that I am on the right track and moving closer to my destiny.

20140106-013412.jpg My eclectic mix of reading material


A night out in Cork


Working on the website

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