Directional Conviction

After driving in the car for most of the day and flying to London from Ireland I thought some night air would do me well. So I dragged my large suitcase toward what I assumed to be the right direction to a friend’s flat.

As time passed I began to doubt my instincts. My phone ran out of battery so I couldn’t confirm if I was going the right way, but something in me pushed me onward with conviction.

Like my dream I have a general idea as to where I am going but I must trust my instincts beyond a doubt. I felt a thrill of excitement 20 minutes later to spot the yellow storage unit across the way, signalling that I had arrived to my friend’s flat successfully.

My Gorgeous Friend

20140103-103556.jpg Trying to sneak a pet

20140103-103721.jpg Stopping for a few views before heading back to London

20140103-104312.jpg The Best Irish Tour Guide

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