Single Holiday

This is the first holiday season in 7 years that I am single. Going into it I was very optimistic, but then I had a bit of a dip in emotions. I began questioning myself and wondering whether I will fully experience the love I seek.

But deep down despite the queries, I know with all my heart that when the time is right all my dreams will meet in reality. I will keep the faith and enjoy all the special experiences in between.

All things happen for a reason and this is now a time for me to charge forward toward my dreams while continuing to self examine. Life is about evolution and enjoyment. I may not be my full self yet but each day I am getting closer to embracing all that I am.

20140101-220544.jpgWearing my Irish green for New Years!

20140101-221002.jpgTouring the Ring of Kerry

20140101-221050.jpgI love the countryside

20140101-221133.jpgApparently the Best Cliffs in Ireland

20140101-221217.jpgSeriously can’t get enough

20140101-221251.jpgDef have to come back in the summertime

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