Blessed Friendships

Someone once told me ‘your friendships are a reflection of you’.
Due to some last minute changes to my Christmas plans, a good friend of mine forfeited Christmas with her boyfriend in Ireland to spend it with me in London.

What a selfless gesture! She even came and collected me at London Heathrow airport at 5am. My heart could burst in love, affection and appreciation for her and all the precious bonds I have been blessed with over the years.

When I told my sister of the Christmas gesture she said, ‘Stace you would have totally done the same thing’. Which reminds me that the love we give we will receive. So keep loving generously to friends and strangers as that kind of giving is the greatest reward in life.

Making homemade chocolate chip cookies before heading to Ireland

Recipe from ‘Diva’s can cook’ on youtube šŸ˜‰

Packing up the little present for my host in Cork

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