True Strength

During a difficult time my sister was messaging me over FB toward the end of my collection. ‘Stace you are almost there. Come on you are the strongest person I know. Don’t take this wrong way but it is nice to see you struggle. It makes me know that you are human.’

Someone else told me that ‘strength on the outside is hiding something on the inside you are not revealing’. That is indeed true, those that fight so hard are fighting inner weakness and insecurity. But in that there is even more beauty.

I refuse to allow the insecurities of my person define my outer self. I can fight everyday to do better, be better and give more. The trigger is not as important as the outcome. Whether a sad childhood and/or broken heart… to be honest who cares as longs as I can convert such pain to joy for others. In that way I move away from the hurt and closer to loving myself.

Rearranging my garden before heading to London

My little squatter

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