Accepting Change

As soon as I woke every morning that my sister Julie was here in Bali, I would check on her sleeping in the room next to mine. Perhaps this is down to some protective, maternal instinct I have for her, as she is my younger sister. Last night she returned to her life in the US, and this morning was the first in 3 months that I woke to find her room empty, the sheets stripped from her bed; and no slumbering sister in sight.

For a moment I felt desolate, but then a wave of gratitude washed over me for the love, support and laughter she shared with me in her time here. I take great comfort in the fact that she is always in my heart, as are the lessons she has taught me. Sometimes, we must let those we love go off into the world, so that they can find their own place to stand and be free to live their dreams.

I am at the next stage of realising my dream. Today I’m off to the factory with Victoria to capture the creative process of me finalising the collection. It’s all happening! I’m feeling so blessed and thankful!

Here’s my first “Vlog” for Bali Fashion Dream – ‘Dream Realised’…

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