Elsa Fitzgerald

I am walking in complete faith; trusting that this dream will manifest itself, bearing fruit. However, a few days ago, I began to doubt my abilities in the realm of fashion design. Somewhere deep down there was a voice that said, “Hold on for just a bit longer! The Universe is aligning things in your favour; just keep believing and moving forward.”

On Thursday, I arrived at the factory to see two of my designs in their final base fabric. After making some minor modifications, I saw the collection truly come to life before my eyes. An added bonus was that the ‘Elsa Fitzgerald’ Labels had arrived from Jakarta.

So when everything inside you wants to let go, dig deep and remember why you started the journey towards your dream.

My longterm vision is to give back to the world by doing what I love. In time I know I will achieve this desire.

Enjoy the new Bali Fashion Dream video (posted below the photo gallery), it illustrates the inspiration behind my fashion brand Elsa Fitzgerald…

4 thoughts on “Elsa Fitzgerald

  1. Stacy. You are coming alive in Elsa Fitzgerald.  I am so impressed. I am really getting excited for you.  I love your use of Balinese design. Just the right amount of flamboyance you needed. Auntie

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