Rough Diamond

Sitting in the bedroom of what felt like summer camp at the Ashram, Bobo asks ‘Should you really be going to London? You have had so many set backs with the collection, I think you should concentrate on Asia first and then in the future tackle Europe. Plus staying in Bali will buy you more time to get your collection just right for Indonesia Fashion Week in Jakarta’.

I had planned to take my pre-booked ticket at the end of December, but my heart told me I should stay in Indonesia for two very important reasons one to spend more time perfecting the collection and to work on something of even greater importance myself. As much as I have progressed this past year, there are aspects of my person that I want to address head on.

Sometimes we must release things and people close to our hearts and if one day they return then all the uncertainties will fade and the trust and love can begin. A long time ago I chose love over my dream, this time I choose the dream and hopefully the love I dream of will return at just the right time.

Apologies to the Ashram: Bobo and I broke the rules of eating in the room, the Bali Buddha cookies were just way too tempting.

2 thoughts on “Rough Diamond

  1. Stacy! Your supersize dreams will bring you supersize fulfilment to reflect your dedication! Lots of love, x j

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