Achilles Heal

‘What are you thinking about El Creepo?’ Bobo asks as I stare out the window. ‘Well about the different levels you reach when making your dreams come true. The closer you get the more difficult the challenges. Its like the universe kept this level in the back of its pocket to test my commitment to the dream.

The area of love has always been my Achilles heal. Learning how to be assertive and truly express myself and my needs is one area in which I need to actively work on. We discuss the logic behind such behavior and it of course stems from childhood. Being the middle child I was always the peace keeper. I repressed my feelings so not to cause additional trouble within an already emotionally volatile home.

We need to effectively communicate what we want otherwise it will leave both parties empty handed and hurt. My emotions are high, but have no fear this girl is going to keep plowing away at her dream because I know that if I keep doing the right things then all the desires of my heart will reveal themselves in time.

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