Intoxicated Mind

3am and lost in the abyss of the mind, I decided it was time to pull myself through the cobwebs and free myself of uncertainty’s grip. The best things in life are found in the unknown, so if you give up too soon you will miss out on many beautiful treasures.

Despite my reservations, I will forge forward toward my ever expanding dreams because I refuse to give into the other self. The one that doubts and questions and sees life through London grey shades.

She comes and goes as she pleases, but I am stronger then my doubt because I am the one to decide each time whether to chose fear or love. Love is the sword that can cut through the fog and disentangle the mind from seeing only darkness.

That is when the sun is able to shine through and we can return to living a full and joyous life. The fear and doubt never go away, it’s all about being aware as to who is in the driver seat of our mind.

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