Self Healing

‘What are you doing with my sister’ Bobo shouts to the tall Swede carrying me through the villa.

Blood was everywhere even on my beautiful lace gloves which matched my 1920’s Halloween outfit. It was an amazing night which seemed to mark the beginning of great things to come.

There was a broken bottle that I had stepped on, rather ironic as I have spent many mornings on the beach picking up handfuls of it.

The guys at the party knew me as mountain girl. I met them while tucked away at the top of Gunung Agung where I sat in darkness waiting for the sun to arrive over the horizon.

I stood alone, hidden away from the party behind a beautiful floral Bali tree staring up at the night sky. My sister’s voice echoed over the music in my mind ‘he is so cute you have to talk to him’!

I twirled around in the garden knowing that the universe has someone waiting for me out there in this great big world. So despite the group of very eligible bachelors these lips are special and will not be spent frivolously.

As for the wound on my foot, I take it as a time for inner and outer healing. I will open my heart and mind to self examine by irrigating it fully and regularly. By doing so in time the swelling will subside and the true me will return more radiant and beautiful for all the world to see.

Thank you Project Getaway for an Amazing Halloween Party in Bali!!!

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