Weekly Update

Dear Dreamers,

I thought to add another dimension to the blog by including a weekly update. These posts will be much longer then the standard and provide a snapshot of my life here at present and fill in some gaps in information.

As most of you are aware we have been filming content of my life here in Bali. The aim is to make this exciting story come alive before your eyes and hopefully inspire some of the readers to consider their own dreams. Victoria a lovely English girl with a great talent for photography and videography has come out to Bali to assist on this project on an internship basis. She has progressed rapidly and I am thoroughly enjoying the exploration of mixed media an area in which I am not so familiar. We have gone back to the drawing board with the content many times. We aim to have the first video out early November. Victoria is downstairs going through content as we speak.

My beautiful little sister who I adore, arrived here in Bali around 2 months ago. She decided to take a step back from her life and re-examine where her passions and future progression will take her. I can’t imagine her not being in Rumah Mimpi Indah, her humour fills my heart with so much joy. Even walking in her room and seeing her sleeping puts my mind at ease. Before arriving in Bali she was the marketing manager for a multinational securities company. Bobo as we call her in my family, has been working on a proposal for Bali Fashion Dream which covers the video content and blog aspect of my work. It is a completely new area for her so she has had to do some digging. Once the infrastructure for BFD is complete, then she will propose a strategy for the fashion brand that I am working on Elsa Fitzgerald.

The initial designs are being worked on at the factory. This week has been a big Balinese holiday so the factory and many businesses have been closed. We will resume work next week on Monday. We will start by sampling the garments in order to ensure the fit is correct. I am also helping Bobo (my sister) who was recently engaged to design her wedding dress.

Hmmmm well, I know that I have to keep myself very focused, while maintaining a solid work life balance. I have to keep the girls motivated and engaged because I only have one month left with them. Julie will be heading back to the states and potentially Victoria may be off to Hong Kong (still to be confirmed). The birthday climb was a big signal for change in my life. During the early part of this journey I felt like a baby learning the ways of the world, crawling through the experience. Now it is time to for me to become a teenager and go through the emotional struggles of growing up. The dream in part has been realized, but there are always new dimensions of the dream. They tend to reveal themselves as we get to that part of the story.

Life is a beautiful mix of experiences leading us on our way toward our dreams. It never slows down, you have to keep fighting each and every moment of this life. But the fight can be a pleasure its just how we choose to view it. I am learning more about myself and hope that through such insight I can shed light for others walking their own paths toward their destiny!

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