New Heights

A trail of lights flickered up the mountain as we made our ascent up the volcano. We had arrived a bit late so many groups had already gone ahead.

I was anxious to move to the next level quickly but kept looking back waiting for the others to keep up.  I heard my sister’s voice calling in the distance.

For a moment I thought to slow and fall back but my heart was pulling me forward in the pursuit of my destiny. I told the guide to stay with them and that I would continue on alone.

After passing the 5th group that had stopped to catch their breath I felt the exileration of being on the right path.

During the descent I slide down the volcano like I was riding a wave. I kept looking up to check on my sister and friends. But after having waited at the summit for them to catch up, it was time for me to take off once again. I asked the guide if he wanted to join me in running the remaining distance.

He agreed, but as I surpassed even him I became aware of my strength and capacity to do anything and everything!

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