Childlike Nature

Sometimes I think I’ve lost it and turned into Clara; the whimisical character from House of Spirits.  I dance around the house with my messy beach hair, jumping around giggling with a childlike energy and speaking to the universe about its beauty.

But so what, responsibility and discipline are not my challenge.  The dragon I battle is my obsessive nature and need to work, so I consciously maintain a childlike approach to my daily task by loving the process.

This is nuts but I love every little teeny tiny piece that adds value to the great painting of my life.  Down to picking out the perfect rubbish bin.

Life is not that serious and not worth the heaviness.  I feel light as a feather and full of energy! There is a difference between being childish and childlike.  Find the beauty in the small things…the glass is only as full as you want it to be!  Choose and see things wisely.

PS I always loved Clara’s character…I use to be so rigid and controlled rather nice to observe my own transformation.

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