Beyond Belief

There must be a magical hand drawing my dreams in the sky because I have been so blessed.  This house I have basically fell into my lap and the more I discover about it the more I love.  I am a five minute walk to the fabric wholesaler, 10 minute motorbike ride to my production and say 15 minutes to most of the popular beaches.

The house itself is perfectly formatted for my needs…bottom floor 3 bedrooms & 3 bathrooms top floor is a loft format with an open plan perfect for a design studio.  The journey continues to unfold just in the nick of time.  Some projects shift, but I maintain my course!  I have an idea of where I am going, but I listen to life’s suggestions as to where to manevuer in my favour.

To who or whatever is guarding and guiding my path…a BIG Thank you from the bottom of my heart because this life shocks me with joy and excitement every morning the sun shines into my room!  My chest fills with enthusiasm. I grab that emotion and I run with it so far that it wants to explode.  When it reaches its highest state, I pass it onto others with a big smile and laughter hoping that it brings a bit of lightness.


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