Blessing Seeker

After having waited two hours for a no show delivery, it was easy to be frustrated.  Although these days I am a bit more aware as to when my emotional balance is challenged.  Instead of holding it and fighting for justice we agreed for delivery the next day.  Yes it threw off the schedule a bit, but is getting all worked up over something simple worth the negative energy it creates.

Such energy is infectious and can contaminate the rest of the day.  I have so much to feel blessed about, the process has been relatively seamless with the help of my saving grace Di.  An Indonesian friend I have only known for 2 months has helped me beyond the expectations of a sister.  Asking nothing in return but genuine friendship.  I am blessed to be surrounded by such amazing people that make my life so rich and amazing!

So in the grand scheme of the day, I choose to focus on this selfless giving from a loving friend rather than the  delivery guy that didn’t turn up.  We can pick and choose where we flash our light in the darkness, look to the blessings as you will attract more of the same.

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