Dream Roadmap

Despite dreams being rather unclear and completely general, we must put in the work required to think the process through.  I have had four months to learn the ropes of Bali manufacturing, the design and product development process and have gathered feedback from individuals in the fashion industry in London.

Now it is time to think through the first season of my own collection in detail.  Freedom is required for an idea to blossom, but to make it happen successfully a business plan or roadmap is essential.  How much will things cost, who is the target market, what risk management measures are in place…?
I had a generalized strategy for my previous business model, but now I must start again.  White board and marker in hand!  What do I want to create and how will I do it is the task at hand?  With my house/design studio coming together I am transitioning my focus to plan the future evolution of Bali Fashion Group.  I have several team members joining early September to turn this baby into a reality.  Can you believe it!  It was only 5 months ago that I landed in Bali with just two suitcases and a dream.

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