Positive People

There is no such thing as ‘positive people’. As some have mistakenly deemed me as a ‘positive person’. I want to shed some light. Yes I do wake up most mornings feeling happy and blessed. But then life comes into the picture and dark clouds like to circle above.

Negative thoughts come to us just the same. The difference is that ‘positive people’ focus less on those and learn methods to create a balanced state of mind.
It takes practice and patience, but when that woodpecker of negativity starts drilling into your mind do not engage. Conjure up thoughts and feelings of something that excites and energises you. Do this over and over again until you are happy and at ease.
The dark cloud eventually passes and the sun shines again. But be aware that the woodpecker will be back but this time you are stronger and better at detaching from those attacks on the mind.


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