Thoughts of routes to success circle my mind while taking my usual morning run. I have to stop myself to say there is a time for such thoughts but that moment is not now. This is the moment to adore the blue of the sky, the smell of the grass and the joy that consumes from within.

There is no past, no future just the here and now. Passing the entrance gates to the park I remind myself that I have all the things I seek! Love, happiness, success, balance and inner peace. The world is just catching up with that reality. So I settle the analytical mind that wants to figure it all out now.
Following your dreams is like walking in the sky. There is no path that leads to anywhere until you begin to step. Then that golden brick appears just in time for the foot to land onto a concrete surface. The path will unfold in its own time.
I don’t need to know all the answers now, they will come just when I need them…no sooner and no later. For now I will enjoy this run that brings me back to the moment. False protective thoughts lead nowhere fast.

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