To Begin

6am for a morning run. Sitting here at one of my favourite fountains in Hyde park. Surrounded by roses and smells of summer time. The air is warm but cool.

I have returned to London, a place that was once cold and grey. But now it is as I remember it so many years ago. When my dreams of succeeding in the fashion industry were just coming alive.
The sun is shining with no hopes of subsiding. I will tempt fate beyond even it’s greatest dreams. This life is beautiful and worth loving to the point of uncontrollable joy.
Why can’t we have our fairy tale life? Why are we so afraid of being disappointed that we place glass ceilings on our dreams.
Pardon my arrogance, but forget that! My dreams and my life are what I make of it. Life can be a beautiful fairy tale if we make it so.
Not just one of falling in love and living happily ever after. I want more…a love that consumes all things: my passion for what I do, an appreciation for friendships and the freedom to explore and embrace the moment.
This is the life I am living. I will not set road blocks that limit my potential ‘happiness’.

You also can do anything! But it starts with a choice as to whether to begin. And to begin is the greatest decision of them all!

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