The Second Floor

An amazing summer breezes twirls my hair as I gaze at the kites in flight dotted around the bright blue sky.

I can’t believe after almost 2 months of living just one floor below that I have never been up here.
Sitting on the second floor of my building is like being in a completely different place. The sky is larger and the breeze constant. A different energy all together. Had I known how nice it is up here I would have come a long time ago.
It wasn’t until the owner of the place invited me up did I venture to check it out myself. Maybe I hadn’t because I was comfortable with my spot on the 1st floor.
How much of our lives do we miss out on because we do not venture beyond our familiar routines. It may be just a matter of taking a different route home or in my case climbing a flight of stairs.

Did I mention that my life is amazing and I love every inch of it! Just signed a 2 year contract for my new place. Moving in when I return from London.


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