Harus Berani – You Have To Be Brave

After our second lesson on the beach drive, I felt the fear rising in my chest when told to drive home.  I thought to myself, I am not ready I just started learning motorbike. ‘Harus Berani’ (must be brave) my teacher said in a strong but kind voice. I didn’t give my mind a moments thought and took off toward the main road. Away from the safe beautiful beach road that so quickly became familiar and comforting.

I kept taking deep relaxing breathes and repeated out loud ‘Harus Berani’ (must be brave).  I drove slow to medium pace. I tried to keep to the far left but I had to begin to move more in flow with the busy traffic.
It was about a 40 minute drive. There was one moment when we were close to home and I had to navigate through a tight space. After struggling a bit with traffic waiting behind me I thought to switch out of the driver seat. But something in me said NO you can do this. You can do anything!
So I pushed forward and we eventually arrived back safely to my place. Sometimes we have to dig deep and move quickly otherwise we give the mind time to whisper lies that we start to believe and that keep us from the things we truly want.

Remember you must be brave! My new mantra ‘Harus Bernai’.

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