Finding Your Diamond

I never noticed how the sand sparkled, appearing like little tiny crystals shimmering toward the sky.  It brought me back to a special day when I was a little girl no more then 6 years old. My family had taken a day trip to Washington DC. As we walked the path of white shiny stones near the statue of independence, I declared to my parents and sisters that I am going to find a diamond! They didn’t pay much attention as I trailed behind checking every stone that sparkled.

I inspected them and replaced one after the other. It felt as if we had walked for hours but I refused to let go of the conviction that was in my heart.
When I finally found my diamond I shouted for joy and ran to my parents to their surprised I had indeed found a diamond.
The story is an important one at this stage as more people are becoming involved with my work an admin assistant, a former colleague and my sister joining for a month in September.
I have to have complete and utter conviction as to how I want this dream to unfold. If I waiver the circumstances will align to those thoughts and feelings. I have to stay true to the mission of my heart.

If I am able to do that then after continued effort I will find my diamond!

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