Endless Choices

The main decision to leave what you know and take the leap of faith toward your dream is the most difficult.  But do not be fooled that, that is the last crossroad you face along the way.  There are many mini ones that test your commitment and certainty.  Its like the universe wants to be convinced that you are certain before it opens the next door.

The forks are difficult to evaluate as you do not have a map and you have to move by instincts.  Rather hard to listen to your gut without any basis, this is all new terrain.  If doubt sinks in you will fail the exam and choose the door that takes you the long way toward your dream.  If you make the difficult, but ‘correct’ choice.  You win a prize and I have found the universe rewards tough decisions if chosen wisely.

Do not listen to the various voices and noise, find a place of silence and listen to the inner voice not the loud obnoxious self that instills fear and doubt.  Listen to the voice in your heart that speaks of truth and hope.  Trust your judgement despite the opinion of others.  At the end of the day, you are responsible to yourself for your destiny.  So you decide what your life will become by the choices you make along the way. Make your life count and transform it into something beautiful…it is never too late! If you are breathing you can keep dreaming.

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