Bali Acclimatisation

After returning to the traditional market to swap my polyester sarong for a cotton batik one. We made our way to the tailor working from her room in a small alley. We spoke about the style of traditional Balinese dress; the kabaya that I wanted to wear to a wedding I was attending.

When we returned to the massage shop and salon next door, the ladies came together to plan for the event. We talked about how my hair would be done with traditional flowers to how to wrap a sarong.
I tried on a pair of shoes from the salon owner and a waist band from the massage shop owner. I felt so taken care of and accepted in this little community of Balinese female entrepreneurs.
I have had to be careful as to whom I socialise with but have gone against outside opinion and trusted my heart to direct me. I have found beautiful friendships full of giving that in many ways feels very Balinese.
The salon owner’s husband a police officer with the warm smile offered to teach me to drive the motorbike. I asked how much I would have to pay and he said ‘nothing just take a picture with me on the day of the wedding in your kabaya’.
It is a blessing to not only learn a bit of the culture of Bali but also to feel welcome to be a part of it all!


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