Facing Fears

After many attempts at learning to hold my breath under water, the current dragged me along as I resurfaced. Yes I know how silly of me at 29, not knowing how.

When I was young I was a brat about learning and after that time I would use pinching my noise as a crutch. Now that I am surfing, holding your breath without pinching your noise is key for 2 main moves that I would like to master. One is flipping the board over your head and going under when a large wave is approaching. The second is diving under the wave while still on the board.
I use to wait until the wave would calm before swimming out. But today I was determined, swimming full speed toward the large waves. I made several queries as to the best way to learn and then got on with it.  After only a few tries I was pinch free.  I’m no expert by any means, but I realised that my fear was much greater then the reality.
Doubt is to be avoided, but fear we must face head on!

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