It’s the Life in Your Years

I’ve been rushing like a crazy person in order to meet the demands for the Spring/Summer selling season.  It is important for me to meet this window as fashion works so far in advance.  In most cases I am not paid for the work until 6 months after.  Being new to the process requires me to spread my risk between projects in order to ensure and increase the chances of money coming in.

That said I hadn’t realised how manic things had been until I was quickly going through designs with a client, when he said ‘slow down this is Bali’.  I settled and tried to take my mind off the tight deadlines and the various plates I was juggling in the air.

I made the strategic decision to hold off doing a full photoshoot production until next season.  With my London trip coming up I’ve got too much on.  In order to support the expected growth of the business, back in February I offered a position to a former colleague to join me in Bali.  She will be joining toward the end of August.

I am learning a lot from the owner of my main factory.  A Buddhist Balinese who rose from poverty through hard work, honesty and patience.  His approach to business is my ideal, I have much to learn from him.  How fortunate to have found a mentor who in his own way has found a balance.  I can’t believe its only been 3 months that I have been in Bali, I have learned a lifetime worth of lessons in such a short time.  I have found a house to move into after I return from London.  Things are moving along so wonderfully!

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